Wednesday, December 31, 2014

First Teachers Pay Teachers Product - Geometric Shapes

I completed my first clipart product - Yay!  

In going through the process for the first time, I think everything took longer as I was spending a lot of time figuring things out and testing what the best way to do something was.  And since I take pride in my work, I definitely wanted to be sure that what I put out as a product reflects the quality of all of the work I am going to produce.

So, I thought it would be great to start with basic geometric shapes.  Not only would these images give me an opportunity to get used to the tablet, but I think the shapes are also a good set of images that teachers (and others) could use as a resource, both in the classroom as well as making products of their own to sell.

I already knew I was going to make high resolution PNG images, as I have used them before in my architecture work.  And with my familiarity with Photoshop, I knew the basics of how I would be making the clipart - only using Gimp at home as my budget doesn't yet afford the luxury of buying expensive software yet.  My first shape was the circle:

I think it's a good freehand drawing with a solid fill on the inside on a transparent background.  And at 300 dpi, it can easily be scaled up or down and still look clean and crisp.  I completed 15 more images to complete a set to compile together as a product.  Here is the cover image I created:

I've already received some positive feedback on the set and am now working on my next set of clipart - a set of special shapes that will complement this product.  I can't wait to finish that one as I now have a long list of products to work on.  

I can already see that this is going to get addicting ...



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