Sunday, January 25, 2015

Friends with Books - Boy and Girl Clipart

Well, there's something good about getting to stay at home a couple of extra days because of a blizzard - more time to draw clipart!
I spent a lot of the time (when I wasn't out shoveling) finishing my latest series of "Friends."  I had this idea of figures in various poses with books and found some fun reference images of kids standing on books, sitting on stacks of books, standing next to a stack of books, and even one of a kid with a book on his head.  These led to me sketching out the characters holding and reading books as well as some fun ones like what I saw in the reference images.  

Here are the final Friends with Books:

And here is the cover for the black and white set:

I'm proud of how these figures came out -now it's on to the next set!



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