Sunday, February 8, 2015

Dancing Friends Clipart

More snow ... Means more time to draw!

With some great feedback on my first two sets of Friends clipart, I've created a new set that shows a little more movement - and what better subject to show movement than dancing.

To make it fun, I've given the boys and girls I've created "personalities" which allows me to quickly choose different styles and poses for each character.  In thinking about dance, I wanted to capture both ballet and jazz, along with some normal dressed kids just dancing, maybe to be used to promote a school dance or something.

Here is the cover of all of the figures:

And here are the individual figures:

The set of figures also includes black and white files of each image - here are the figures all together:

With this set I've also changed the cover background image - I didn't like all of the little KPclipart stamps randomly placed around the page so I made a simpler frame with a blue color background.  I think it makes the black and white figures stand out a little better - especially in a preview.
I enjoyed making these and I have more of the Friends series in the works, but now I'm planning on doing more outlines to mix it up ... so it's on to more drawing.

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  1. Such a fun article this is. I love and enjoy dancing more than most of the activities, hence I enjoyed this article way too much.