Sunday, March 1, 2015

Friends Playing Music - Boy and Girl Clipart

Well, I have to say, this was one of the hardest things I've ever done.  It sounded much simpler when I started - I would create a "Friends" set of them playing musical instruments.  

I began by collecting reference images of different instruments: guitars, pianos, a violin, and some brass and woodwind instruments.  Then I sketched out how they could look and which character would be playing which instrument.  I had never really drawn musical instruments before so I thought it might be a challenge, but a fun one since I like music and I could tell that these figures with instruments had the potential to look really good.

However, once I began drawing, I kinda got the feeling this set was going to take a while.  I started with Chase playing an acoustic guitar.  I framed him sitting on a stool, his body, arm and leg positions in a more classical guitar setup.  From the initial guitar sketch I placed how he would be holding it and where his hands would be, then began drawing the guitar.  Lets just say what you see in the final image isn't what I started with, but I like how it finally turned out:

I enjoyed drawing Jacob playing the clarinet, as my son, Leo, is a clarinet player and I had an actual clarinet to look at.  I ran into some difficulty when coloring as the instrument is mostly black and I wasn't sure how the keys would stand out but I think it came out okay.  I then drew Leah playing the recorder.  My other son, Daniel, finished his first year with music last year and had fun learning the recorder so I wanted to be sure one of the characters was playing it.

Liam and the saxaphone was also hard - the saxaphone has a lot of keys and small bits.  I did the best I could and I apologize to any real music players for this (or any of these instruments) if I've screwed anything up!

I then added some class - Olivia playing the flute and Emma playing the violin.  I think the violin image can be used in elementary school promotions for music classes as the violin is usually the first instrument children learn.  I remember learning it myself way back in 4th grade!  The image of a flute player is always one that is elegant, and I think this image of Olivia in a simple dress displays this elegance very well.


Then I moved on to the piano.  I wasn't really sure how I would draw it.  The piano is like a large piece of furniture and while first sketching it out, I saw if I drew the whole piano then the person playing it ended up looking rather small.  I tried it with just a small electronic keyboard but I didn't like the way that looked.  So I ended up drawing just a part of a regular wooden upright piano which allowed the image of Claire, and, more importantly, her hands on the keys, to be a decent size on the image.

Since Max is my cool kid and Maya is more crunchy granola (with the personalities I've created for these characters), I added two more guitar images.  Max gets to play the electric guitar and Maya is more laid back sitting on a chair playing an acoustic guitar.


I decided to add a drum kit.  I looked at different kinds and ended up drawing a very simple kit so Noah didn't get lost behind all of the drums.

Finally, some singers.  As my son Daniel has learned in his music class, everyone already has a musical instrument - their voice!  So I drew Ryan in more of a rock style pose and Zoey singing with an old-fashioned microphone.


It took much longer to get all of these figures drawn than I imagined but I think overall the set looks really good, and I hope there are teachers - both classroom teachers and music specialists - that can find creative uses for these clipart figures in their lesson materials.

Here is the cover for this set:

And here is the cover showing the black and white versions of the images:

This set of " Friends Playing Music - Boy and Girl Clipart " is available in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store here: Friends Playing Music

I'm taking a break from the Friends characters for a little while to work on more Outline shapes ... so more clipart sets will be posted soon.



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