Thursday, March 5, 2015

Leprechaun Craftivity for St. Patricks Day

Julie has been working on a new writing resource product for St. Patricks Day which includes fun craft activities.  We enjoyed making the 2015 New Years Craftivity and so Julie wanted to make a similar craftivity to include in her new product.  So, I called up the same drawings we used for 2015 and Julíe quickly sketched out how she wanted the Leprechaun craftivity to look.

I used the same face but that was all we could re-use from the other craftivity.  So then I drew the beard and new hands, then the hat, band and buckle, and finally the shamrock.  

After printing them out to see how the pieces would fit together, I then arranged them onto sheets by color so teachers would be able to print out each sheet on a different colored paper to make it easy to prepare the lesson for students.  Here's what the sheets looked like:

Then Julie printed a set out at home so she could have a finished character to display in her product.  And here it is!

Julie just used the product in her classroom - and the students had a great time.  Here are the pics of the students' work on the wall in the hallway at Julie's school:

The overall product has a lot of fun activities for kids, especially the How To Trap A Leprechaun piece.  Here is the link directly to Julie's Teachers Pay Teachers product: St-Patricks-Day-Trick-and-Trap-a-Leprechaun.

I'm glad I was able to help Julie out on another great product - and I'm sure she'll have something else for me to do soon!



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