Sunday, March 22, 2015

Outlines as Clipart

When I decided to start making clipart, I didn't really know where the journey would take me.  I started with shapes and had this idea of making many different types of outlines - people, animals, and maybe even buildings!  

The idea for outlines came from a number of thoughts.  For one, an outline shape of something is very simple.  Sometimes a drawing with just a few lines creates a better image than a drawing filled with a lot of detail.  Also, detailed drawings have a "style" to them, and certain styles may appeal to some people and not to others, so I think that most people will like the outline shapes.  Another nice thing about the outlines and their simplicity is that they won't detract from whatever else is on the same page.  For example, if a teacher is making a product and wants to add some figures at the top, bottom or sides but not have the figures dominate the sheet for attention, then simple outline shapes may work very well.  And then by offering each outline shape with multiple fill colors, a teacher can choose to use either a black or white figure or one filled with color to match whatever else is in the product.

I also haven't seen other available clipart like these outline shapes and the idea of creating something different that nobody else is doing appealed to me.

After completing my first sets of geometric shapes, I started to compile reference images I could use for my outline shape sets. I had quite a few people images: children in many different poses, babies and toddlers, and families and parents with children.  So I started by dividing up the images into different groups and quickly mapped out four products and started drawing.

Here are a number of the figures:

The figures are available in different outline sets, available in both my Teachers Pay Teachers store and Teachers Notebook store.  The first is a simple Children Oulines Clipart set:

Then there is a Children Playing Outlines Clipart set:

Here is the Babies and Toddlers Clipart set:

And the last of this series is the Families and Parents with Children Outlines Clipart set:



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