Sunday, May 31, 2015

Super Hero Outlines

I'm loving doing the outlines - it's great when you get feedback from people who have never seen clip art like these anywhere else.  Also got a nice note from someone who was looking for a green kangaroo - and I'm the only store that had one!

The children outlines have been a great success (you can find the post here: Outlines as Clipart) so I got the idea to make a Super Hero set, partially from the Teachers Pay Teachers "Teachers are Super Heroes" promotion and partially from the other super hero sets I've seen.  I've also included figures in costumes as well (as costumes and super heroes kinda go together).  So here is the set I put these together:

The set is available at my Teachers Pay Teachers store here: People: Super Hero and Costume Outlines Clipart.

As with my other outlines sets, each of the figures comes in 10 different colors, all with a black outlines.  And the black-filled figures are silhouettes!



Saturday, May 23, 2015

Animal Outlines

Based on the initial success of the people outlines, I started mapping out sets of animal outlines.  I knew there were a lot of animals to draw, so as I began gathering reference images, I put them into categories based on the type of animal they are.  I came up with four groupings: African Safari and Zoo  Animals, Woodland and Forest Animals, Farm and Ranch Animals, and Reptile and Desert Animals.

The different animals were fun to draw.  I especially like how the outlines are simple and leave the rest of the animal's details to the imagination.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Since I've been getting better at drawing in Illustrator, the outlines allow for an easier process for coloring.  Before, when drawing in Gimp (or Photoshop), the colored edges were never crisp, either leaving some transparency or another color - especially when trying to do multiple colors from one drawing.  In Illustrator, each drawing is an object with an assigned color fill, so after creating each outline, I was able to output many different color fills (as PNG files) from the Illustator drawing.

Here is the final set of African Safari and Zoo Animals:

Each clipart set contains 10 different color fills for each animal.  So for the African Safari and Zoo Animals, there are 250 individual PNG files, 10 colors each of 25 animal outlines.

Here is the next set, the Woodland and Forest Animals Clipart set:

Here is the Farm and Ranch Animals Clipart set:

And here is the fourth set of animal outlines, Reptile and Desert Animals:

Each set can be found at my Teachers Pay Teachers store, located here:

Animals: African Safari and Zoo Animals Outlines Clipart

Animals: Woodland and Forest Animals Outlines Clipart

Animals: Farm and Ranch Animals Outlines Clipart

Animals: Reptiles and Desert Animals Outlines Clipart

I hope you enjoy these animal outline sets!



Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Friends: Graduation Kids Clipart

Among other projects I've been working on, I kinda wanted to do a set of clipart of the Friends wearing caps and gowns.  Its been about a month and a half since I first sketched out what they would look like, but I was so busy working on other products that it kind of got left behind.  Oh yeah, and of course, Julie and I went to Key West for a week for a much-needed vacation!

The graduation kids were fun to draw.  However, coloring became a challenge - especially with the gowns, as I had drawn seams and folds in the gowns but once I colored them black you could no longer see those lines.  So on some of the characters I lightened up the black color of the gown while on others I created a gray "shadow" effect on the seams and folds so they would show up.  I think in the end the set came out looking very cute!

Here's the cover page:

Its a little hard to see the seam and fold lines when the figures are all together on the cover page.  Here's the black and white images:

With the black and white images, all the seam and fold lines are shown.  For more detail, here are two of the characters, Liam and Zoey, at a larger scale.  Liam's figure has a more-pronounces gray shadow for the folds and seams while I kept Zoey's much more simple.

I think these figures would look great in all sorts of graduation flyers, products or in-class announcements.  

Here's a direct link to the product in my Teachers Pay Teachers store:
Friends: Graduation Kids - Boy and Girl Clipart 

Hope you enjoy them!