Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Friends: Graduation Kids Clipart

Among other projects I've been working on, I kinda wanted to do a set of clipart of the Friends wearing caps and gowns.  Its been about a month and a half since I first sketched out what they would look like, but I was so busy working on other products that it kind of got left behind.  Oh yeah, and of course, Julie and I went to Key West for a week for a much-needed vacation!

The graduation kids were fun to draw.  However, coloring became a challenge - especially with the gowns, as I had drawn seams and folds in the gowns but once I colored them black you could no longer see those lines.  So on some of the characters I lightened up the black color of the gown while on others I created a gray "shadow" effect on the seams and folds so they would show up.  I think in the end the set came out looking very cute!

Here's the cover page:

Its a little hard to see the seam and fold lines when the figures are all together on the cover page.  Here's the black and white images:

With the black and white images, all the seam and fold lines are shown.  For more detail, here are two of the characters, Liam and Zoey, at a larger scale.  Liam's figure has a more-pronounces gray shadow for the folds and seams while I kept Zoey's much more simple.

I think these figures would look great in all sorts of graduation flyers, products or in-class announcements.  

Here's a direct link to the product in my Teachers Pay Teachers store:
Friends: Graduation Kids - Boy and Girl Clipart 

Hope you enjoy them!



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