Sunday, May 31, 2015

Super Hero Outlines

I'm loving doing the outlines - it's great when you get feedback from people who have never seen clip art like these anywhere else.  Also got a nice note from someone who was looking for a green kangaroo - and I'm the only store that had one!

The children outlines have been a great success (you can find the post here: Outlines as Clipart) so I got the idea to make a Super Hero set, partially from the Teachers Pay Teachers "Teachers are Super Heroes" promotion and partially from the other super hero sets I've seen.  I've also included figures in costumes as well (as costumes and super heroes kinda go together).  So here is the set I put these together:

The set is available at my Teachers Pay Teachers store here: People: Super Hero and Costume Outlines Clipart.

As with my other outlines sets, each of the figures comes in 10 different colors, all with a black outlines.  And the black-filled figures are silhouettes!



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