Saturday, June 13, 2015

Movie and Film Buddies

Now that it's summer movie season, I was motivated to complete a new clip art set that I've been tinkering with for a while.  I first had the idea while looking at reference images (collecting movie-themed objects) that I would do a set related to the movies.  But then when I started the "Buddies" series with smiling faces, I had the inspiration for completing the set.

For the two kids, I started with the red chairs, then the sitting bodies, then added the faces I wanted, and then finally a soda for one and popcorn for the other to complete the 2 buddies.  Putting together the other clip art for the set was fun as well, especially the numbers using the film countdown style (although since movies are now all digital, there really isn't that kind of countdown any more ...).

This clip art can be used for all sorts of things, whether it's a movie star theme for a classroom or pieces in different PowerPoint slides or products where a movie or film piece of clip art can accent the teaching lesson.

Here are the clip art pieces in the set:

Here's the link to the clipart set on Teachers Pay Teachers:
Movie and Film Buddies Clipart



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  1. Amazing Movie and Film Buddies clipart for my documents and presentations at Hey is it possible that you can make some moving cliparts for presentations too?