Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Sketchy Bugs and Insects

I've been working on this product for a little while.  Every time I get a little tired of drawing people or some of the more intricate, realistic-looking pieces, I sketch out a bug or insect for a little break.  So this set was a lot of fun to do and is a little more creative than most of my other sets.  I played a lot with colors, different wing colors and crazy bug colors, but ended up with most of them being close to their actual colors as just the playful forms and large eyes gave each of them a fun, sketchy look.

Here's the completed set:

And I also have a black and white version of each bug:

Here's the direct link to the product in my Teachers Pay Teachers store:

KPclipart Sketchy Bugs / Insects Clipart




  1. This is my favorite set you have created! You have made bugs cute!

  2. I must say you really have got the great skills on sketching and the clarity I see in your pictures are super amazing too. Why don't you start to sell them?