Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Ready for Vegas, Baby!

Last year, Julie went to the first annual Teachers Pay Teachers Conference in Las Vegas, without me.  It's not as if she didn't ask, but I had the kids that weekend and the extra plane ticket just wasn't in the budget.  Plus, I wasn't really in the business so while Julie was at the conference I didn't know what I'd be doing all day.

So, this year, with the teachers clipart business starting to take off, I'm going with her to this year's conference!  We made our plans back in February, got our plane tickets and hotel reservations, sadly, at the TI - couldn't afford the Venetian.  :-(

But it will be great to see the Venetian again!  We were last in Las Vegas together about 4 years ago and it was fun to see The Venetian after 10 years.  I spent 3 years back in the late 90s in Las Vegas working on The Venetian as an architect, first through the design back here in Massachusetts, then on site in Las Vegas during construction ... but that's another story, and what seems like a lifetime ago.

Now I'm excited to see The Venetian again, this time as a conference-goer, both in support of Julie (A First For Everything) as well as promoting my own business.  Just got my new KP Clipart button thanks to Nadine at www.purplehug.com  ... here it is:

So I'll be wearing it throughout the conference and hope to meet a lot of new people, many whom I only know through their TpT stores.




  1. Ready for Vegas, Baby! woohoo. It will be a great fun to have I believe. I think it is the best place for the vacations and have the best time one can spend

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