Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Teachers Pay Teachers Conference in Las Vegas 2015 #tptvegas15

Let me just say, right at the start, the TpT conference was awesome!

To start with, its been about 4 1/2 years since I've been in Las Vegas.  That trip didn't go so well as out stay at the Monte Carlo wasn't a great one.  We determined the Vegas hotels were now more interested in making a buck than good customer service and we thought we'd never go to Vegas again ... that is, until TpT.  Last year, Julie attended TpT Vegas 2014 (by herself - I stayed home with the kids), so despite us saying we'd never go back, she did last year.

So, when the 2015 Teachers Pay Teachers conference was announced it would be in Las Vegas again, we decided we would both go.  We arranged our kids' schedules so we would be kid-free, booked flights on Jet Blue and a hotel room at Treasure Island (much, much cheaper than the Venetian).  I guess being on the architecture team that designed the Venetian doesn't mean anything to them as far as discounts ...

But it was great to see the Venetian again.  It was about 16 years ago when I was actually living in Las Vegas assisting with the construction completion of the Venetian.  I had already been working on the project as an architect for three years, but all of the flying back and forth (Boston-Las Vegas) was getting old so I volunteered to move out to Vegas through the project completion (and ended up staying a couple of extra years doing follow-up projects - but that's another story!).  

After 16 years, the Venetian still looks great!  I had designed and detailed the entire entry sequence, which included the moving walkways up from the sidewalk, through the Campanile, and over the Rialto Bridge.  The Campanile is still one of the best parts of any project I've ever worked on as an architect as I had to figure out how to make the tall tower look as real as possible, but using easy-to-fabricate products in panelized forms.  

The Rialto Bridge was also a challenge as I had to work with the elevator/escalator company that was making the custom moving walkways that go up and over the bridge.  

Oh, and the Venetian also looks great at night! (This shot taken from the bridge over to TI.)

Now, to the conference.  As I only opened my TpT store 6 months ago, I don't have a lot of personal experience as to who the TpT staff is and who the top sellers are.  Also, as a clip artist, I found most of the sessions are geared toward teacher-sellers who make products for teachers, not clip artists who make products for other teacher-sellers.  But it was still a great experience being at the conference and meeting so many great people!

The conference kicked off with a great start by Adam Freed and Amy Borrell Berner:

I then attended the clip art session by Michelle Tsivgadellis (the 3am teacher):

And later the Design Panel with Kimberley Geswein (KG Fonts), Nikki Casassa (Melonheadz), Michelle again (3AM Teacher), Julie Faulkner and Blair Turner:

And the Superpowers of PowerPoint (Michelle Oakes, Hope King, and Rachelle Smith), who looked great in their capes:

And Rachel Lynette!


The other sessions I attended weren't so great - not because the presenters did not do a good job (I think all were well-prepared and great), but because they weren't that useful in where I am in my TpT journey as a clip artist.  But that didn't stop me from meeting a lot of wonderful TpT'ers, and having a great time at other events outside of the conference, like the Primary Pack Kick Back at the Bourbon Room on Friday night!

Overall, it was a great trip for both the conference and being able to experience the Venetian again.  Here's a shot of Julie (A First for Everything) and Amy (Learning Lessons with Mrs. Labrasciano) in St. Marks Square in the Venetian:

And we also had a great dinner at Canaletto:

Can't wait until next year!  (But will it be in Vegas again?)



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  1. Teachers Pay Teachers Conference in Las Vegas 2015 proved to be a great platform for all the teachers who have come from different cities just to attend this conference